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In life we face many different challenges and obstacles. Some we defeat ; some we overcome. We have what i call steady motion, slowed motion, or no motion at all. Motion is the action or process of moving or changing place or position. Its's the power of movement. In this case, you are the controller of your motion. You are who makes the motion keep going, you are who makes the motion slow down and you are who makes it stop. You control your present day all the way to your future. You control how you handle the predicaments that you go through unexpectedly. Do you give up ? Or do you keep going? Answer this. When you are going through a storm, why would you stop in the middle when you are already walking through it ? YOU KEEP GOING. God said, "whatever we go through good or bad is necessary." You have to understand that you will get through whatever it is, you will smile again, you will succeed. Put yourself in the highest of the highest position. Set yourself up for the life that you desire! Only you dictate the path you walk down. Remember this is a platform where people will help you if you are lost of direction, or need to be advised. Fight for YOU ! Support YOU ! Vent. Rebuild. Refocus.

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