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You can't blame yourself for not knowing back then what you know now, and the truth is you made each decision for a reason based on how you were feeling at the time. It's always easy to look back and question decisions you have made in the past, but it's unfair to punish yourself for them. As we grow up, we learn and we evolve. Maybe the person you are now would have done things differently back then, or maybe you are the person you are now because of the decisions you made back then. We also have influencers in our past that contributes to where and who we are now . Maybe it's how one treated us or what one has exposed us too. Here's the thing, some of the choices we make comes from what we were introduced to by someone else. We then are the deciders on how we choose to let it impact us in the future. Greatly or poorly. You have to trust your journey and know that it's all going to make sense soon.

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chris okwuazi
chris okwuazi
Dec 03, 2022

People have to overstand that the past is "behind you" and can't be changed. It's a way better practice to focus on the present so that way you can prepare/plan for the future


Derrick Raynor
Derrick Raynor
Oct 24, 2022


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