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Mind Your Reference

In life, thousands of situations present themselves daily. We live life through references (a source) where the biggest one comes from how we were raised wether, it was good, bad, or ugly. We’re pulling from these references from adolescence to adulthood unknowingly. Our actions, our decision making’s, our stress management’s, the way we handle our relationships and our friendships, all can be affected by our references. What has been your biggest reference? How were you raised? Empathy? sympathy? Love? Trail and error? Whatever it is mind it, because it can either move you forward or hinder your progress. For example : A mother had a horrible relationship with the father of her only daughter. According to the mother he was a deadbeat and she hated him because of it. So she decided to raise her daughter not to need nor trust any man. Fasting forward, the young queen grew up not being able to keep a relationship with a man. She believes it’s just the type of men she chooses. However, she still haven’t evaluated her reference. “Live life, love life, and be brilliant. Be fearless in the pursuit of happiness. Be bold in the face of love.”


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