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It Starts With YOU

Growth requires us to leave something behind, even people. You have to make space for grief in the process of growth as well. By mourning over your former life and forgiving it, you are making room for a newer you. We as humans tend to become massive consumers, absorbing in everything that has some kind of emotional impact on us. However, if one or some of those things are what’s helping you grow, by any means pursue on. The problem is, we will find a way to soak up any and all negative baggage with no solution on how to do away with it, entirely. We become fearful and faceless. We start to feel depressed, angry, separated, useless, and many more unhealthy things inside. We begin to search for help, love, and fulfillment in all the wrong places. Steady crashing into the same brick wall because we have failed to understand the search starts within us first. We have to dive into our inner selves and do the necessary work to change and heal all the emotional chaos we have built inside. Once the shadow work is done, the process to grow begins.

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