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Inner Me

Sometimes we are the problem, and it's okay. Just fix it!!!

If you're always right, that means someone else is always wrong. What's the probability? If your cup is full and running over you can’t receive. If it’s your way or the highway, how well is the highway? Life is filled with patterns, habits, and references from adolescence to adulthood. Often, we just live in them unconsciously deferring all mishaps to another party. (Scapegoat extraordinaire.) It can't be me, I'm brilliant. I'm wise, I'm me. We say it had to been such and such, nope not I. We live from our subconscious and we're unconscious of it. Sometimes we are the problem and it's okay, just fix it. Take the accountability and think about what references you're pulling from. Think about what patterns and habits you have formed over the years and ask yourself, “was I the problem?” Answer yourself truthfully, “yes I was.” Wow shocking right? Now lets fix it ! “Live life, love life, and be brilliant. Be fearless in the pursuit of happiness. Be bold in the face of love.” I am the problem ; I need to be fixed


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