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Expectations V.S Reality

Why as humans we hold so many expectations for a person ? Why do we live in an expected world instead of the actual reality we are in ? We tend to confuse the two and find ourselves hurt, lost, and left in the end. We expect people to not cheat us, to not lie to us, to not betray us, to never leave us, to support us, to comfort us, to love us, to be kind to us and so further on. But the reality is, THEY DON'T HAVE TO AND THEY DON'T. However, there are people out here who does those things but they're done unexpectedly. They're people who live to meet your every standard and those who asks "why should they." When you learn to stop holding people to what you expect, the more peaceful and happier your life will be. Example: you are in a relationship with someone, you've been together for so long, you wake up it's your birthday and you hear nothing from them from the start to finish. Now you're angry, you're confused you're hurt. You begin ruining a perfect day stuck in your head asking, "Why haven't he called me to send great wishes?" "I expected him to call me." Forgetting the actual reality, is that he doesn't have to. His life ; his choice. You have to learn to accept that, to be okay with that. Once you learn to do those two things, you've defeated reality. "Well Sierra, how did I defeat reality ?" Because you've now understood the lesson. The lesson is, you expected him to do something that HE DON'T HAVE TO. Now picture that same day, you're overly excited enjoying your birthday. You realize he haven't called you and you accept his decision he made. You move forward feeling no way because you didn't let the negative impact of expectations overtake you and ruin such a great day you were having ! THE CHOICE IS YOURS !

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