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Brain Food Control

Have you ever heard "you are what you eat ?" Do you think this saying is true ? The answer is YES ! You are what you pour into yourself. It's not only what you eat, it's what you drink and even what you think. We all have free will to do as we please but forget to be cautious or mindful while we are doing it. We have to be mindful of the things we are eating; the things we are drinking. What may taste good to you, doesn't mean it's good for you. A major one I wanna highlight a lil bit more on is, "what you think." We all have positive and negative ways of thinking.Thinking negatively, believing in negative things, even reading negative things is very unhealthy for your mind and your soul. If you believe negative things, you get negative outcomes. You want positive outcomes in everything you do, you got to think positive. You have to feed your mind positive thoughts, even if you don't feel it at that particular moment. Speak positivity aloud and to yourself every morning when you wake up, do it throughout the day and before you go to bed. Keep your spirit high and happy. Smile, laugh, be kind, give and forgive. Find the good in everything you do, instead of the bad. Stop with all the "what if this doesn't happen" and believe it will! Believe in yourself and believe in the path you're walking. Bring out the greater in every situation you encounter. Remember your tongue is a weapon, never speak against yourself. Stay motivated, outgoing, understanding, self driven, important, different and spectacular ! Please book a self love service if you are needing assistance or a little extra motivation on how to think positive, be positive, and stay positive no matter the circumstance. Love yourself first. Vent . Rebuild . Refocus

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